The Journey

Kleio Arabians LLC

Lambertville, NJ


Growing up, Kathleen Petrelli fit the description of that horse-crazy girl, willing to work at a stable to pay for her riding lessons.  As college and a professional career were pursued, the lessons stopped but the passion remained.  Her intent was always to have a farm – and then horses.  However, an impressive presentation of the Thornewood Farm horses in Stockton, New Jersey, reversed that order.  When first seeing Luna Thee Cielo, she was absolutely captivated by her physical presence.  However, when seeing her turned out and her movement turned on, the deal was sealed.  A new chapter had officially begun.  It was a serendipitous encounter that gave birth to Kleio Arabians. 


Since that fateful trip to Thornewood Farm, she's experienced the thrill of her first Egyptian Event and finding herself in the winner's circle as the owner of the Silver Champion Senior Straight Egyptian Mare and Most Classic Head winner.  Her description of that memory, "It's one of the few times I have found myself at a loss for words.  I didn't even hear them call Luna’s number! ….the beauty of these horses, the majesty, the unbelievable thrill of being a part of something so special." Kathleen’s confident the farm will come.  However, with Luna living five minutes down the road and seeing her whenever she wishes, it’s less urgent; her passion for a horse has been rekindled.      

Kleio Arabians, named for the Greek muse of history and historical poetry, enthusiastically embraces the Straight Egyptian Arabian.  The purchase of the mare Luna Thee Cielo (out of Celeste TF—by Mishaal HP,) an elegant Skyy granddaughter, powerfully launched them into the limelight of the Straight Egyptian world.  Carrying the blood of the greats in the industry, this daughter of the immortal Thee Desperado has Ansata Sinan, Ansata Judea, Jamilll, Ruminaja Ali, to name but a few, all up close in her pedigree.  Already a 2012 Egyptian Event Futurity Reserve Champion, Luna returned to Lexington, Kentucky for the 2016 Egyptian Event.  Readily winning the 4-5 Year Old Mares class with Ted Carson at the lead, Luna advanced to the Championships on Saturday night.  What an exhilarating evening for her new owners when she was named Silver Senior Champion Mare and Most Classic Head winner!  Clearly, for Kathleen Petrelli and Kleio Arabians, this muse, Luna Thee Cielo is already history in the making!