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The Journey

Kleio Arabians LLC

Goode, VA


Growing up, Kathleen Petrelli fit the description of that horse-crazy girl, willing to work at a stable to pay for her riding lessons.  As college and a professional career were pursued, the lessons stopped but the passion remained.  Her intent was always to have a farm – and then horses.  However, an impressive presentation of Straight Egyptian horses reversed that order.  When first seeing Luna Thee Cielo, now one of her foundation mares, she was absolutely captivated by her physical presence.  However, when seeing her turned out and her movement turned on, the deal was sealed.  A new chapter had officially begun.  It was a serendipitous encounter that gave birth to Kleio Arabians. 


Kleio Arabians, named for the Greek muse of history and historical poetry, enthusiastically embraces the Purebred and Straight Egyptian Arabians.  The purchase of the mare Luna Thee Cielo powerfully launched her into the limelight of the Straight Egyptian world and subsequently the main ring with Purebred Arabians.  Carrying the blood of the greats in the industry, this daughter of the immortal Thee Desperado has Ansata Sinan, Ansata Judea, Jamilll, Ruminaja Ali Luna was bred to both SE and purebred stallions producing some of the most exotic and athletic Arabians in the industry. Kleio Arabians believes in the importance of preserving SE bloodlines but also firmly believes they should be utilized in the purebred side of the Arabian industry to breed back type, conformation and movement into the breed which is exactly the course she is taking.  

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